Drama - 12 min. - 2018

Synopsis: A mother and son struggle to make ends meet with only one ticket out of their predicament. 

Director's Statement: On one level, this is a story of love between a mother and her son amid a socioeconomic struggle to survive and transcend their circumstance. Beneath lies another layer of meaning that speaks with equal relevance to the present day; the value of modelling for our children and future generations. 

While the story points to the painful struggle of having to choose with only “one ticket out” of socioeconomic marginalization, it also points to core human needs and formative conditions of character. Opportune speaks with a voice of hope for a generation that has been judged and has now started to self-condemn. It counteracts the notion that millennials are the problem and brings the attention back to the parents. This story holds that character is not a result of how much we get but rather how we are loved and how much others believe in us.


2019 - Official Selection - Toronto Black Film Festival 


Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor - Bohdan Turok

Written by Jennifer Irons

Executive Producer - Shannon Fitzgerald

Executive Producer - Jennifer Irons

Produced  by Jennifer Irons


Nanni - Nadine Roden

Santiago - Ngabo Nabea

Gracie - Maia Bastidas


1st AD - Borys Shapovalov

1st AC - Jacob Wiebe

Gaffer - Ryan Richey

Gaffer - Austin de Vos

Sound Engineer - Nick ILiopoulos

Art Director - Vin Bolton

Makeup/hair/SFX - Julia Karmasin

Location Scout - Jennifer Irons

Data Wrangler - Jacob Wiebe

Original art - Pykotta

Original score - Darren Moore

Assistant Editor - Adrien Yiptong

Foley, Sound Mixing, Dialogue Editor - Aaron Price

Trailer coming soon.